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This survey method has its best application in employee and customer surveys.  It is designed to eliminate the most common error in data collection and analysis methods associated with this type of survey.  The following is an example of how this survey questionnaire is constructed.

An Example:

           This company has done enough to train me to do my work effectively.

                                  1               2               3                4                5                6               7               8               9          

                                Strongly                                                                                                                     Strongly

                                 Agree                                                                                                                          Disagree 

          How important is it to you to have this company do enough to train you to do your work effectively?

                                                            1             2             3              4               5

                                                            Not                                                    Very

                                                            Important                               Important


What's The Power Of The Action Index?

The best way to demonstrate how this survey method avoids the fundamental error that tends to provide misleading results from most other survey methods is to consider an example.  Assume that three different participants responded to the statement noted above.  All three of them scored it by choosing the number "3" on the Agree/Disagree scale.  Typically, most survey analyses would treat them as the same response.  However, a closer examination of each of these responses in the context of the total survey suggests something quite different;

Respondent #1.....this is the worst score in the survey (all the other responses were 1 or 2)

Respondent #2.....this is the best score in the survey (all the other responses were 4 thru 9)

Respondent #3.....this is the only score in the survey (all of the other responses also were 3)


The Action Index software will provide a different number for each of those responses that reflects how each individual response fits in the context of all the choices each participant made in the total survey.