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Influence Styles:  How to use the differences in the needs people have so you can be effective in influence relationships

Influence Your Boss:  How to create some degree of control in the most important relationship most of us have in business

Influence And Conflict:  How to avoid or minimize destructive conflict in the inherently ambiguous influence setting

Influencing Decisions:  How to move toward high quality team decisions without resorting to compromise

Influence and Internal Consulting:  How to be relevant working independently in complex organizations

Sub-Arctic Survival:   An intense learning experience of team decison making in a real life simulation


Motivation:  How to get the best out of people using the McClelland Social Motives Model

Coaching:  How to deal with performance problems by giving effective feedback using the Split Feedback Model

Compensation:  How to use the reward systems of the company to maximize performance applying the Herzberg Model

Appraisal:  How to use the company evaluation system to structure performance based growth and development

Selection:  How to get the best people based on using an effective interviewing strategy

Customer Engagement

Individual:  How to get customer to have strong positive feelibgs about you ove the long term

Organizational:  How to approach the customer realtionship to incur strong loyalty


Personal:  How to be creative by using your undertanding about how your brain works

Team:  How to be creative in the decsions the group makes by avoiding the inclination to tribe

Innovation Exercise :  A group activity to create a functional model using game theory


Sales Skills:  How to maximize your sales performance by applying the Six Sales Skills Model

Coaching Sales Skills:  The role of the sales leader in assuring the application of the Six Sales Skill Model